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Decadence, Down to Earth

It's long been said that the only thing you really need to make a career in the hairdressing world is charisma, and aside from the opulent lavishness and luxurious frills of the Sejour Salon, owner Shaun Hoffman has it in spades...

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Sejour Makes Heavy Pampering Hip Again

A near-decade of growing in the industry made the idea more tangible: after acquiring a broad clientele base, working late hours at homes and in bathrooms, Shaun wanted to make a swish, flavourful, home-like space for them: Chelsea socialites, British and Saudi royalty, who tend to like their privacy.

The family at Sejour wanted a more intimate space, and the salon's different reception, colouring, shampooing and styling rooms offers them a quiet space upon which to be lavished. "It's really a home away from home," We like to call it that."

With a budding staff which consists of talented Italian, French and South American stylists/technicians who have relinquished more Premadonna training grounds and swapped it for a more down-to-earth environment. The quiet Bray Place salon,  whose designer Tara Bernerd has won a British Design Award amongst other prizes.   The salons high standards are up held with the luxury designer products range which consists of  soothing L’oreal Professional hair/scalp and nail products along with a range of Luxury  products from Shu Uemura and Kerastase, Sejour can’t be too far off “The ultimate hair experience over three floors” as quoted by Tatler, Harpers Bazaar and Vogue.

Customers at Sejour can hope to pay from £75 for a cut, which includes a chance at the soft Shiatsu massage chairs and a thorough Indian head massage. Colouring ranges from £40 to £210, varying between a full-colour and highlights, not to mention, a very experienced and talented hair extensions technician, using The Connect System which is classified as one of the healthiest ways to promote good health in hair extensions.

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One of the first salons to move away from practical but faceless decor, Sejour looks like a girlish boudoir in a chichi mews house – which is more or less what it is, tucked away in the residential streets behind the King’s Road.

There are luxurious touches aplenty: shiatsu massage chairs at the basins, silk kimonos instead of nylon gowns, but the actual hairdressing is top-notch too. Cuts from £60, half-head highlights from £90.

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